Serving Western MA, Springfield, Northampton and Amherst, MA, Brattleboro, VT, and the Pioneer Valley, with telephone counseling, nation-wide, LifeCourse Counseling Center, and all its therapists, affirm all sexual orientations and gender identities, and celebrate the rich diversity that exists among people of all ethnic, racial and class backgrounds.

It is challenging living in our world and being human. People are not always treated well or with respect. There is dissension between nations;  war, poverty and violence.  It is no wonder this distress affects communities, families, couples and individuals.

Who we are holds wholeness and integrity. Distress and pain are perfect reactions to one’s unique life experiences. These symptoms are neither good or bad, they do not reflect one’s state of health, but rather perfectly reflect what has not gone well in one’s life.

Life need not be a series of situations and emotional states that repeat endlessly. With gentleness, compassion and inquisitive minds we can come to understand your distress. Then, with awareness, conscious choice becomes possible. Together, therapist and client create new ways of relating to oneself and to others. Real and lasting change is possible with respect, courage and open hearts.

At LifeCourse Counseling Center, we support and applaud people who are courageous and work with their issues. Would not the world be a better place if all people did some personal work? We find that clients who come to therapy and are really motivated to change, usually do.

Since each person is unique, each therapeutic relationship is also unique. Our therapists are informed by listening well and allowing each person to show what they need to heal. We are straightforward, caring and involved. While each therapist draws upon many different theoretical teachings (psychodynamic, relational, cognitive, etc), we do not rigidly impose theoretical structures on unique individuals. Mindfulness and spirituality are also valued aspects of the work.

At LifeCourse Counseling Center, we are interested in the root of your distress and how to transform it. Our commitment is to lasting change. We are witnesses who are honored to be trusted to partake in another person’s journey of healing.

While the office is located in Northampton, LifeCourse’s individual therapy services are easily accessible to people living in Springfield, Greenfield, the Brattleboro Vt area, Amherst and surrounding areas of the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

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