Serving Western MA, Springfield, Northampton and Amherst, MA, Brattleboro, VT, and the Pioneer Valley, with telephone counseling, nation-wide, LifeCourse Counseling Center, and all its therapists, affirm all sexual orientations and gender identities, and celebrate the rich diversity that exists among people of all ethnic, racial and class backgrounds.

Relationships are hard! Whether couples are newly together or have been together for years, each stage presents its own challenges.

Learning to listen deeply and communicate clearly and honestly is vitally important. So is being able to ask for what you need, learning to disagree and learning to tolerate your differences. Sometimes there are tensions concerning who gets their way.

There can be life crises, family issues, illnesses, financial challenges, children to raise, and so much more.

Learning to listen and negotiate takes time, practice, effort and patience.  Speaking with a professionally trained therapist can help with all this and more.  Couples therapy can make a huge difference.

While the office is located in Northampton, LifeCourse’s individual therapy services are easily accessible to people living in Springfield, Greenfield, the Brattleboro Vt area, Amherst and surrounding areas of the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.  Telephone and video appointments are also available.

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