Serving Western MA, Springfield, Northampton and Amherst, MA, Brattleboro, VT, and the Pioneer Valley, with telephone counseling, nation-wide, LifeCourse Counseling Center, and all its therapists, affirm all sexual orientations and gender identities, and celebrate the rich diversity that exists among people of all ethnic, racial and class backgrounds.

Celebrating Unity and Diversity — Co-sponsored two New
England-wide conferences, providing speakers, workshops and entertainment for more than 400 people.

Safe Sex Workshops

Detoxing Silence — A conference for therapists to help
understand the root causes of substance abuse among gay and lesbian adolescents and adults.

The Joy of Lesbian Sex — A workshop for lesbians.

Out Now Youth Group of Springfield — LifeCourse founded
and ran this group for several years.

Chemical Addiction Recovery Program



Lesbian Therapy Groups
Gay Men’s Therapy Groups
Exploring Your Sexual Orientation Group
Breaking Up Group
Lesbian Relationships Group
Coming Out Groups
Bisexual Women’s Therapy Group
Lesbian ACOA Therapy Group
Transgender Support and Therapy Group

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